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Start the future with NEVONEX – now!

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How do you get started with NEVONEX?

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Install the NEVONEX Box and register it in your account

If you do not already have a box, use the search form at the bottom of this page to find an installation partner who will provide the box and install it on your tractor.

Once the installation is successfully completed, register the box in your MyNEVONEX account. In your account, please follow the instructions for registering a box.

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Add Digital Services and install them on the box

If you have not used any Digital Services before or would like to add more, you can find the currently available services in “Your Digital Services”. Select the service you want and assign it to your box via the MyNEVONEX portal.

Are you already using Digital Services? Then you can also assign them to your box in your MyNEVONEX account.

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Download the NEVONEX Cockpit app and connect it to the box

In Google PlayStore or AppStore, search for “NEVONEX Cockpit,” download the app to your tablet, and start the app. Then follow the instructions in the app to connect your tablet to the box’s Wi-Fi. Once the connection is successful, the services you selected earlier on the MyNEVONEX portal are synchronized with the Cockpit app.

All done – use the Cockpit app to start the Digital Service you want!

How NEVONEX works

Find your nearest installation partner to get your NEVONEX Box (current availability in Germany)

To use Digital Services based on NEVONEX, you will need a NEVONEX Retrofit Kit consisting of a NEVONEX Box from one of our hardware providers, corresponding wiring harness, and antenna. You can get everything from your local NEVONEX installation partner who will advise you on system components and install the retrofit kit directly onto your agricultural machine.

Keeping everything in good working order: the compatibility check

To ensure the perfect interaction of all components, please note this small list of compatibility requirements:

ISOBUS- and standard-based services
If your tractors and implements are ISOBUS-compatible (TC version ≥ 2 / AEF-TC generation ≥ 1), you are ready for most Digital Services, such as XARVIO Go or geoNEX App. The basic requirements for telemetry capture are also given. This is usually the basis for the services offered by our Farm Management Information System (FMIS) partners. Future services can also use your existing system’s GPS (GNNS) signal to connect and control connected sensors and actuators based on digital I/O, WiFi or BT.

Additional machine-specific services
If you have specific equipment, such as the Rauch AXIS H 30/50 and AXIS M 30/50 with variable drop-point adjustment or an STG tire pressure control system, you can immediately take advantage of the available Rauch and STG services.

If you have any questions, please speak to your installation partner or send us an e-mail.

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