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NEVONEX – the comprehensive solution for digital agriculture

Key visual. Tractor drives across a field. The digital services are made visible as a stylized wave of data. The icons for the entire value chain are woven into it.

Simply Connected: With NEVONEX you prepare your business for the future

Connecting the dots, upgrading independent of manufacturer: Ensure your business is equipped for the agriculture of the future. For the first time, NEVONEX brings together digital services from different providers and gives you access to these services in one place. This means, you’ll only need a single retrofit kit to use these different services with your machine trouble-free.

From optimization of soil cultivation, sowing, spreading and crop protection, to seamless transfer of application maps and automated documentation: Thanks to a growing number of powerful partners coupled with the reliability of Bosch, you gain access to agronomic services from well-known providers and, at the same time, can rely on a seamless interplay of all components.

NEVONEX makes upgrading your machine easy through the use of a single retrofit kit. Tedious manual work such as transferring data or maps using USB flash drives, is also a thing of the past. In case of any technical question, a central NEVONEX service contact is there to help you.

NEVONEX – one comprehensive solution:

  • Single hardware unit with cross-manufacturer compatibility
  • A growing portfolio of digital services from various providers
  • Reliable infrastructure with central service contact

Advantages you can count on

A farmer is standing in the field, looking at the camera. He's holding a tablet and giving his thumbs up.

Exploit future-proof technology, simplified processes, and expert knowledge in one place:

  • Reduce costs – e.g., more precise application of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Achieve bigger yields – e.g., through better consideration of current field conditions, such as the use of live sensor data
  • Save time and improve your quality of life – e.g., through automation of operating procedures, for example, automatic data transfer to a Farm Management System (FMIS)

How NEVONEX works

For your start …

The required components are shown and described. First you put together the digital services of our partners individually. These extend over the entire value chain. Icons represent the value chain: tillage, sowing, fertilization, protection of plants, harvest, management. Then order the NEVONEX retrofit kit from your installation partner, who will cleverly network your existing machines. NEVONEX hardware, after selecting the digital services from the respective provider and purchasing the hardware and installing it (from January 2022), the services will be operational from March 2022. via the MyNEVONEX web portal for your retrofit kit. The NEVONEX Cockpit App takes over the display on your tablet in your cabin. NEVONEX app icon

… into the future you need only two things in 2022

What our partners say about NEVONEX

Dr. Heiner Denzer, project/product coordinator

Pessl Instruments

Dr. Heiner Denzer, project/product coordinator

“Wherever different key technologies converge, the outcome is maximal. Pairing machinery with dedicated and specialized applications, which in turn can bring processed decision-support information directly to the operator and to the machine, mitigates risks and increases return of investment besides supporting sustainable agriculture. It is a pleasure being a part of the project that connects numerous solutions to ease the farming processes. We are excited to see how the market responds to it.”

Managing Director ZG Raiffeisen, Agriculture Digital 4.0, Jochen Schneider

ZG Raiffeisen Landwirtschaft Digital 4.0

Jochen Schneider, Managing Director

“NEVONEX will also enable smaller structured farms in Southern Germany to participate in technical and agronomic progress with digital solutions. Various NEVONEX retrofit kits will enable these solutions to be used with existing, used machines. ZG Raiffeisen, therefore, supports farmers in Southern Germany as an installation and service provider.”

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