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One box for everything

Make your machine fleet and farm management information system digitally fit with NEVONEX.

Key visual. Tractor drives across a field. The digital services are made visible as a stylized wave of data. The icons for the entire value chain are woven into it.

Use Digital Services without any interface problems

NEVONEX enables farms, contractors, and machinery cooperatives to use Digital Services and access the digital systems of the machines without any interface problems, no matter which manufacturer is involved. By installing the NEVONEX Box on a tractor or harvester, you ensure that data flows smoothly from the office to the field and back again.

Our advantage: NEVONEX establishes networks easily and without any interface problems, no matter which manufacturer or digital solution you use – even when your machines are different colors and brands. With access to your machines, the platform makes it possible to do more – on both new and older machines.

  • Man standing in front of tractor-trailer combination and tapping on an iPad
    Farmers and contractors can control a variety of implements by using Digital Services via the box.
  • Person sitting in a tractor and tapping a finger on an iPad
    With the task controller function provided by the NEVONEX Box, work orders created at the desk can be finished in the field.
  • Person standing in an office in front of a PC screen and tapping a finger on an iPad
    The data collected while working in the field can be documented automatically, for example, in farm management information systems (FMIS) or accounting programs for contractors.

*Safety note: The Digital Services used via NEVONEX support the user in agricultural applications, but they do not replace the care and due diligence that applies when operating agricultural machinery. NEVONEX is not designed for applications in which a failure or errors could lead to personal injury.

One system – many advantages

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Fit for digitalization

NEVONEX is the key to connecting and digitalizing different systems and machine fleets – across all manufacturers and brands.

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Fit for multiple brands

NEVONEX connects your machine fleet across multiple brands – without interface problems.

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Fit for more

NEVONEX provides access to your machines, making it possible to do more on both new and older machines.

Icon tractor

Fit for retrofit

NEVONEX even digitalizes older machines through retrofits, enabling the use of the latest functions across the entire machine fleet.

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Fit for the cloud

NEVONEX guarantees "clean" and convenient data transfer via the cloud without a USB stick.

Icon components

Fit for options

NEVONEX enables users to connect farm management information systems and machine fleets gradually and economically – expandable for future technologies.

Reduced costs: increased precision in seed placement and the application of fertilizers and crop protection Higher yields: can manage the crop based on current conditions in the field, based on live sensor data Time savings: automation of work processes and direct transfer of data to a farm management information system

Easily retrofit older machines

The NEVONEX Box helps make your old machine smarter and raise it to a new level of digital technology. Most older tractors, implements, and harvesters can be easily retrofitted with the NEVONEX Box. This lets you apply Digital Services, like variable rate application, even on old machines.

All the machines need just one piece of hardware – the NEVONEX Box – to be able to use the growing selection of Digital Services offered by NEVONEX partners.

How do I get started with NEVONEX?

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Install and register the NEVONEX Box

Once a NEVONEX installation partner has installed the box on your machine, you need to register the box in your MyNEVONEX account.

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Add Digital Services and install them on the box

On the NEVONEX website, select the Digital Service you want and assign it to your box via the MyNEVONEX portal.

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Download the NEVONEX Cockpit app and connect it to the box

Download the app to your tablet, start it, and connect your tablet to the box’s Wi-Fi. This synchronizes your Digital Services. All done – you re ready to start!

To use Digital Services based on NEVONEX, you need a NEVONEX Retrofit Kit consisting of a NEVONEX Box, wiring harness, and antenna. You can get everything from your local NEVONEX installation partner who will advise you on the system components and install them directly on your tractor or agricultural machine.