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Digital Services allow for optimal control of your agricultural machines and work processes in the field

Digital Services

Digital services enable farmers, contractors, and their partners to work more efficiently, accurately, and economically

Digital Services are software programs that make it easier for users to do their daily tasks, just like apps on a smartphone, through a standardized interface.

NEVONEX already offers the following functionality for farmers and contractors:

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Monitor machine functions

Display current machine readings such as diesel consumption, engine speed (MyEasyFarm), or tire pressure (StG)

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Evaluate, document, and exchange info on machine functions

Record and document machine readings such as diesel consumption, exact operating hours for each process, consumed operating resources, and completeness of finished work for controlling and accounting purposes (Agrarmonitor)

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Process and document orders by using application maps

Transfer the application map to the machine via the cloud (without a USB flash drive), transfer it back again, and document the work performed (as-supplied map) to your farm management information system (FMIS).

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Task controller licenses

The Digital Services that run on the NEVONEX platform have task controller licenses (e.g., for section control and variable rate control based on an application map), so there is no need to activate this service separately.

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Uniform operating screen for control commands

The NEVONEX terminal (tablet) allows you to integrate and control applications from other providers (third-party systems) by using the same operating screen. The driver can use this screen to operate implements such as field sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, seed drills, or automatic tire pressure control systems from a single tablet on the tractor.

Select your Digital Service and get started with NEVONEX

For the first time, NEVONEX brings together Digital Services from different providers and gives you access to these services in one place. You will only need one retrofit kit to use them. From customized soil cultivation, optimized sowing, and modern crop protection, to the seamless transfer of application maps and automated documentation – our Digital Services partners are constantly growing.

Select the Digital Service in our current portfolio that you would like to use. When you click on this service, you will see the link to the provider's website. Then contact the provider to purchase your Digital Service and get started with NEVONEX.

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You can find here an overview of the Digital Services

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